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  • The rise of the video game Arab hero
    Developers are moving away from stereotypes of Arab characters and depicting them more positively.

  • Israel gets new PM as Netanyahu targets comeback
    Yair Lapid takes over until polls in November, with Benjamin Netanyahu aiming to return to power.

  • Yair Lapid: The ex-TV host who is Israel's new PM
    The 58-year-old former boxer and TV presenter takes the top office for the first time.

  • Ben & Jerry's criticises resumption of sales in Israeli settlements
    The ice cream maker is unhappy with Unilever’s deal to continue sales in the occupied West Bank.

  • Pride: Amazon restricts LGBT goods in United Arab Emirates
    The online retail giant says it has to comply with the laws of the countries in which it operates.

  • Outcry in Egypt as iconic Nile houseboats are destroyed
    The last homes are being removed as part of what officials say is a plan to beautify the waterfront.

  • Hisham al-Sayed: Hamas video claims to show captive Israeli
    Hisham al-Sayed was last seen in 2015 when he is believed to have wandered into the Gaza Strip.

  • Toxic gas leak at Jordan's Aqaba port kills 13, injures hundreds
    A container filled with chlorine was dropped by a crane at the port of Aqaba, authorities say.

  • Why young Arab men turn to anti-impotency drugs
    How sexual medication is used in the Arab world as a way of living up to ideals of masculinity.

  • Kidnap alert heightens Iran-Israel shadow war fears
    The warnings for Israeli tourists join assassinations and sabotage as the foes aim at each other.