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  • Iran plane crash: Khamenei to lead Friday prayers for first time since 2012
    The rare move by Iran’s supreme leader follows widespread protests over the downing of an airliner.

  • What's behind the fight for Libya?
    The oil-rich North African country has been beset by a civil war for nearly a decade.

  • Canada: 'Iran must assume full responsibility' for downed plane
    Canada’s Francois-Philippe Champagne was speaking on behalf of the 176 victims from five countries, who died when Iran shot down a plane last week.

  • Nile River dam row: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan make draft deal
    The initial accord eases tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia over control of vital water supplies.

  • Syria war: Society leaders hold secret peace summit in Berlin
    Leading figures met this week to overcome the sectarian divides that are tearing their country apart.

  • Iran protests: Who are the opposition in the country?
    There have been anti-government protests in Iran, but how strong is opposition inside the country?

  • Syria war: Air strikes kill 18 in Idlib city despite truce
    A busy market and an industrial zone were targeted by war planes, a monitoring group said.

  • Iran plane downing: How media responded to public anger
    Sentiments normally seen in social media made their way into tightly controlled state outlets.

  • Demonstrators in Beirut target banks in continued protests
    Riot police met with resistance as demonstrators in Beirut continue demand a new government.

  • Iran plane downing: President Rouhani calls on military to explain
    The foreign minister has also acknowledged the days of lies that followed the accidental strikes.

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