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  • Iranians vote in presidential election marred by disqualification row
    All but one of the four candidates to succeed Hassan Rouhani are regarded as hardliners.

  • Iran: How a unique system runs the country
    Iran is choosing a new president, part of a unique system of how the country is ruled.

  • Lebanon army appeals for aid as economic crisis leaves soldiers hungry
    Soldiers’ salaries and the army’s budget have been wiped out because of an economic collapse.

  • Iran's presidential election: Four claims fact-checked
    TV debate topics included censorship, Iran’s economic performance and political prisoners.

  • Israel strikes in Gaza after fire balloons launched
    It is the first major flare-up since a ceasefire ended a conflict between Israel and Hamas in May.

  • Iran election: Who will voters choose as president?
    Seven men are competing to become president but most reformist and centrist candidates are barred from standing.

  • Mustafa al-Darwish: Saudi man executed for crimes committed as a minor
    Rights groups had called for a halt to the execution, saying that he was tortured into a confession.

  • Ahmad Al K: Dutch court tries refugee over Syria murder video
    Ahmad Al K sought asylum in the Netherlands but is accused of shooting an unarmed Syrian officer.

  • Yemen: Dozens of migrants feared dead after boat sinks
    Yemeni fishermen have reportedly recovered 25 bodies, but the fate of dozens more remains unknown.

  • IS Badoush prison massacre: Iraq exhumes bodies from mass grave
    DNA taken from victims found in a mass grave near Mosul will be compared with possible relatives.