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  • Saudis warned of jail time for posting rumours after harassment claims
    Women fear being silenced over claims of sexual harassment after a concert was cancelled in Riyadh.

  • Israeli ex-PM Netanyahu's cases could be dropped in plea deal
    The former prime minister is discussing terms which could see a dramatic end to his criminal trial.

  • Syria's Al-Khatib prison was like hell, says survivor
    Wassim Mukdad speaks about his time in the Damascus jail known as “Hell on Earth”.

  • German court finds Syrian colonel guilty of crimes against humanity
    The trial of Anwar Raslan was the world’s first criminal case over state-led torture in Syria.

  • Israel says it broke up Iranian spy network that recruited women
    Four Israeli Jewish women of Iranian descent were allegedly paid thousands of dollars by a handler.

  • Palestinian-American man, 80, found dead after Israeli raid in West Bank
    Omar Asad reportedly died following his arrest by Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank.

  • Aras Amiri: British Council says jailed employee freed by Iran
    Aras Amiri, an Iranian citizen, returns to the UK after being acquitted of spying on appeal.

  • Sacked belly-dancing teacher sparks Egypt debate over women's rights
    Aya Yousef was sacked and divorced after she was filmed moving to music at a work social event.

  • Saudi court orders first naming of man guilty of sexual harassment
    The kingdom amended an anti-harassment law last year to allow for the public shaming of offenders.

  • Former Israeli PMs Netanyahu and Olmert face off in court in libel case
    Benjamin Netanyahu and his family are suing Ehud Olmert for claiming that they were mentally ill.