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  • 'Cannabis burned during worship' by ancient Israelites – study
    Cannabis residues have been found on an altar in an ancient desert temple in Israel.

  • Romina Ashrafi: Outrage in Iran after girl murdered ‘for eloping’
    Romina Ashrafi, 14, was allegedly killed by her father after she ran away with her older boyfriend.

  • Coronavirus: Lebanon's woes worsen as country pushed to the brink
    Country was already rocked by unrest over the cost of living – then came coronavirus.

  • Malka Leifer: Rape-accused ex-principal fit for extradition to Australia
    An Israeli judge says the suspect accused of 74 sex charges is fit to face extradition to Australia.

  • Coronavirus: Egypt doctors accuse government over medics' deaths
    A union says the health ministry bears “full responsibility” for doctors’ deaths from Covid-19.

  • Trafficked Nigerian women rescued from Lebanon
    The 50 return home a month after a woman working as a maid in Beirut was found for sale on Facebook.

  • Coronavirus: Iran reopens Shia Muslim shrines after two-month closure
    Worshippers will be allowed to access open courtyards and must follow social distancing rules.

  • Coronavirus in the Maldives: The couple trapped on never-ending honeymoon
    A Dubai-based couple are still stuck at a deserted resort, more than two months after their wedding.

  • Saudi Arabia: Just how deep are its troubles?
    It has been rocked by coronavirus, an oil price collapse and the fallout from a high-profile murder.

  • Coronavirus: Israel turns surveillance tools on itself
    Counter-terror technology is being applied in the fight against Covid-19, raising privacy concerns.