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  • Israel-Gaza sees surge of cross-border violence
    Israel’s prime minister threatens to go to war unless wave of rocket fire from Gaza stops.

  • Coronavirus: Iran denies cover-up as death toll rises to 12
    A minister rejects a claim that 50 people have died in Qom, the centre of Iran’s Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Syria conflict: Inside the final rebel stronghold
    Millions of people who have long opposed the Syrian regime are trapped at the border with Turkey.

  • Deadly earthquake hits Iran and Turkey
    The quake kills at least nine in eastern Turkey, with injuries and collapsed buildings in Iran.

  • Saudi rapper faces arrest for Mecca Girl music video
    The governor of Mecca says Asayel Slay’s music video is an “insult to the customs” of the city.

  • Iran elections: Hardliners set to sweep parliamentary polls
    Thousands of moderates were barred from standing, with the outcome likely to weaken the president.

  • Why Iran's election matters
    Iranians are going to the polls to choose their MPs in an election likely to benefit hardliners.

  • Syria civil war: Desperate families on the move in search of safety
    Ibrahim AbdulAziz and his family are packing up their home for the fourth time as fighting worsens in north-west Syria.

  • Reading family helping victims of Nigerian sex trafficking
    The Thomas family are aiming to raise thousands of pounds to help Nigerian sex trafficking victims in Dubai to return home.

  • Syria civil war: How a father helps his daughter cope with life in a warzone
    Abdullah and his family are living in a warzone but they’ve come up with a unique way to cope with air strikes.

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