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  • Israel recaptures final Palestinian escapees
    The two were part of a six man group who tunnelled out of jail almost two weeks ago.

  • Hezbollah brings Iranian fuel into Lebanon to ease shortages
    Lebanon’s economic collapse has left the country dangerously short of fuel and electricity.

  • Three ex-US intelligence officers admit hacking for UAE
    The three men allegedly helped a UAE-based firm break into computers and phones around the world.

  • Saudi Arabia camel carvings dated to prehistoric era
    A new study suggests the sculptures in Saudi Arabia are far older than previously thought.

  • Iranian musician risks prison for new album
    Mehdi Rajabian made an album in secret in his basement despite threats from Iranian authorities.

  • Israel-Palestinian Facebook posts need 'bias' review
    One of the recommendations from the Facebook Oversight Board after ruling on one such post.

  • The Taliban are back – will al-Qaeda follow?
    Where is al-Qaeda 20 years after the 9/11 attacks – and could it re-emerge as a terror threat?

  • Naftali Bennett makes first visit to Egypt by an Israeli PM in a decade
    Naftali Bennett meets President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

  • Eitan Biran: Italy investigates 'kidnap' of cable car crash survivor
    The grandfather accused of whisking his grandson to Israel is placed under investigation in Italy.

  • Iran and watchdog reach deal over nuclear site monitoring
    Tehran allows the global nuclear watchdog to service monitoring cameras at key facilities.