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  • BP in oil field where 'cancer is like the flu'
    BBC investigation uncovers the deadly impact of the oil giant’s toxic air pollution on children.

  • Iran: Fifa called on to ban country from World Cup over women's rights
    An open letter to Fifa says it does not trust women will be allowed to attend games in future.

  • Lev Tahor Jewish sect members held in Mexico escape
    Dramatic footage shows members escaping the site where they were held since a raid on their base.

  • Iran president says 'chaos' will not be accepted as protests continue
    Ebrahim Raisi vows to deal decisively with “rioters”, as days of anti-government unrest continues.

  • Israel and Lebanon gas field talks on knife-edge
    The outcome come mean major economic benefits – or create a future trigger for war.

  • Iraq: Life and death surrounded by gas flares
    BBC News Arabic investigates the deadly impact of the oil giants’ toxic pollution on children in Iraq.

  • Revealed: Huge gas flaring emissions never reported
    BBC investigation finds oil companies not declaring millions of tonnes of cancer-linked emissions.

  • Israel's fast-growing trade ties with the UAE
    Business between Israel and the UAE is booming two years after the Abraham Accords.

  • Thirteen killed in Iraq as Iran attacks Kurdish groups blamed for protests
    Iran says it fired missiles and drones at dissidents who it blames for protests sweeping the country.

  • World Cup 2022: Denmark to wear 'toned down' jerseys in protest at hosts Qatar
    Denmark will wear “toned down” jerseys for the World Cup to protest against Qatar’s human rights record and treatment of migrant workers.