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  • Lebanon's PM-designate Adib fails to form new government after blast
    The previous cabinet resigned in August amid angry calls for reform after the Beirut port explosion.

  • The fight for women's prayer rights in Israel
    How a group of Jewish feminists demanded the same prayer rights as Jewish men.

  • Coronavirus: Israel tightens second lockdown amid acrimony
    But plans to limit gatherings are held up, with some seeing it as a ruse to curb anti-PM protests.

  • Islamic State: Relatives of British hostage braced for coming trial
    The sister of journalist John Cantlie, who was kidnapped in 2012, speaks of her eight-year ordeal.

  • Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia to gradually resume Umra pilgrimage
    From 4 October, 6,000 citizens and residents will be allowed to undertake the Umra each day.

  • UK sends US evidence on Islamic State 'Beatles'
    Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh are accused of killing Western hostages in Iraq and Syria.

  • How the UAE emerged as a regional powerhouse
    From a mission to Mars to military expeditions, what is driving the UAE to punch above its weight?

  • Lebanon explosion 'destroys Hezbollah arms depot'
    Security sources say the blast in the village of Ain Qana was the result of an accident.

  • Iran nuclear deal: US unveils new sanctions targeting arms sales
    The move comes after other world powers rejected President Trump’s demand to reinstate UN measures.

  • FinCEN Files: UK bank may have moved money 'linked to terror activity'
    Leaked documents show Standard Chartered moved funds that may have been linked to terror financing.